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  • Meeting with vetīs from the 87thinfantrydivision - Liberty Convoy

    Itīs been days if not weeks that i posted here but now i take this opportuniy as a chance to draw some attention to a project a friend of mine has initiated.

    As the most of you certainly know WWII ended at the 8th or rather 9th of may 1945. The region where i live or rather work in particular was liberated from the naziregime on April 16th 1945 by the men of the 347th infantry regiment, 87th infantry division, 3rd US Army.

    In order to thankfuelly remember the liberation process at these days and to shed some light on the historical facts in this area, we are going to arrange and perfom the so called "Liberty Convoy" together with representatives from the 87th infantry division such as Sgt. Tom Stafford and Tom Burges for instance, german and american politicians, representatives from the local media and germans as well.

    It is the idea to honor those brave and classy men who liberated the german population from the nazregime and to organize a "shake-hand-meeting" between former enemies. This meeting in particular is all about reconciliation and remembrance on the victims of World War II as well as international understanding. We also want to remember on the end of the west-allied air-raid here in west-bohemia and of course and mainly on the liberation of the of the inmates from the concentration camp "Flossenbürg" here in this region.

    I am really looking forward to this event. Although my grandfather served in the german "Wehrmacht" and his brother served at a "SS"-Division, neither of them were a supporter of the wrong naziregime nor a supporter of the war in general. Like most of the german soldies they were put on duty and forced to attent at this terrible war by the german nazi leaders.

    Maybe an event like this once again will help to remember on the tragedy of the "3rd reich", its downfalll and the great liberation process with the support of the allied forces here in germany and in europe. It is important to keep in mind what happened!

    Im not sure if there is already an announcement yet but if you feel inclined you might wanna check this page http://www.87thinfantrydivision.com/Home.shtml for more information.
    That here now is the german homepage, provided by the people that actually initiated this outstanding project: www.adastra-projekt.de. You might want to have a look at that page as well.

    However, if you want to get involved, support this project or just want to get more information about what is going on, feel free to mail or PM me.

    So long,