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About ASWP

The AssWhip clan is devoted to gamers who frequent the AssWhip servers. We do not train for competitions, not like a typical typical 'clan'... think of us more as a group of regulars who frequent our favorite servers. We play to have fun, improve our skills, and promote good sportsmanship and friendship between players. Our name may be the 'Mac House of Asswhip,' but we are platform agnostic - our clan includes players with Mac, PC and Linux systems.

EVERYONE is welcome to play and socialize on our system!


  • Everyone is Welcome Here:
    The Mac House of Asswhip is a Quake III Arena clan server open for everyone to come, play, have fun, hone one’s skills, and occasionally, get the frag beat out of them. Although Mac House of Asswhip runs from a Mac system and many of the clan members are Mac users, all platforms are encouraged to play.
  • Have Fun:
    Players are encouraged to talk freely with one another while at the same time respecting that everyone comes here to play and have fun.
  • Be a Good Sport:
    We recognize that the players on our server can have a wide range of skills. Players with more skill are encouraged to be gracious winners, and refrain from overt insults, bragging and egotism. Players who are still learning are encouraged to play their hardest, learn from our clan heavyweights and remember that repeated complaints and accusations don't increase your frag count or your skills. Remember, respect is a two-way street.
  • Support the Admins:
    The main System Administrator is BENSTER! ASWP. He is responsible for the upkeep of the main site, hosting the ASWP web system, co-ordinating events and managing the system vision. Other co-administrators frequent this server and are assigned the duty of keeping the House’s play clean, fun, and accessable. Additionally, there are a number of other Administrators who are responsible for various administrative duties on the system, including running ASWP sponsored servers.

When playing on the server, please make sure to adhere to the rules of good sportsmanship to respect what they've done to make ASWP a server worth playing on.

ASWP is open and welcome to all players that share our Philosophy and agree to abide by our Rules of Conduct. Please report any offenses to the server administrators - so they can take appropriate action. Please note refusal to abide by our Philosophy or repeated violations of our Rules of Conduct are grounds for dismissal from the clan.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Platform debates will not be tolerated
    There are innumerable forums and chat rooms on the internet for you to exercise your free speech. This is not the place for it.
  2. Cheating will not be allowed
    Any player found cheating will not only be kicked from the server but the player’s IP will be blocked from future play in the House as well.*
  3. No Chat Fragging
    It is bad practice to frag opponents while they are in chat mode or when their connection box is displayed above them. This does not show skill, but illustrates a cheap attempt at gathering any frag one can.
  4. No verbal bashing or cursing at other players
    This is poor sportsmanship and indicates someone of low esteem. Clean taunting (e.g. after a fair frag) is encouraged because it generally makes players fight harder.
  5. We can and do kick rule violators
    Administrators and Co-Administrators reserve the right to kick any and all players who violate the previous rules of good sportsmanship. Repeated offenses may result in being banned from the ASWP servers altogether.

These rules of conduct were created by Tillok ASWP, Fragaholic and Clan Arbiter of Truth.

*A further note about cheating:
Mac House of Asswhip members appreciate less skilled players who try their best. We encourage those who improve through determination and hard work. If you cheat, you only say to us: "I suck and I need to cheat in order to impress you and myself." Here at ASWP, we are impressed by honest players, no matter their skill, ping or platform.

ASWP is open and welcome to all players that share our Philosophy and agree to abide by our Rules of Conduct. Please report any offenses to the server administrators - BENSTER ASWP or BuddMan ASWP so they can take appropriate action. Please note refusal to abide by our Philosophy or repeated violations of our Rules of Conduct are grounds for dismissal from the clan.

How do I join ASWP?

ASWP is a long standing member of the online gaming community. In the past there was no qualification for membership. However due to a huge amount of growth (120+ active members), we have decided that new members meet the following criteria:
  • You must have been active on our servers and forums for a minimum of 45 days
  • You must be "sponsored" by another current member

These two rules are designed to ensure that those who join, continue to be active in our group out of a genuine interest. However, you are welcome on our system regardless of membership status, and we look forward to meeting you!

The Spirit of ASWP

This text is a summary of the "Spirit of ASWP" and may be duplicated in other FAQ's The ASWP System will be self supporting.

The ASWP system is supported by it's users and admins. Donations are never in cash form, but rather in time, bandwidth, expertise, and occasionally old equipment. At various times an admin may notify the users of a specific hardware need (Ethernet card, broadcast hub, hard drive, ETC.) and those members who have SPARE equipment may forward that to the particular Admin who made the request. Historically, hardware donations have taken the form of obsolete equipment, that only the technically adept would be interested in.

In an effort to offset the cost of bandwidth for Admins, advertising may be possibly sold on the ASWP web space, however, historically this has not yet happened.

We Seek the Higher Good of Fellow Members.

Yes, this system is about playing Quake III Arena and other games. However, we have also become a large group of friends, who interact on various levels based on geography, affinity, and respect. Some of us are friends in the real world, some of us do business together, and some of us are just simply addicted to being comrads in our favorite game. No member, or non-member, will be allowed to create distress or discord among our group.

We are not a competition Clan... We frag for fun only!

The ASWP clan NEVER sanctions competitions. While individual members may play in tournaments and competitions, the ASWP organization does not support nor endorse ANY organized competitive play other than that which is in informal fun. While members may wear the ASWP tag while competing in local or national events, ASWP is officially non-competitive and does not hold practices, inter or intra clan scrimages, or engage in any competition where a "prize" or "bragging rights" is involved.

We will Respect our Senior Members and Administrators.

The ASWP organization has been around for a long time in internet terms. Currently (August 6th, 2001) we are two years old, comprised of roughly 80 full members, with over 3000 players who play consistently on our servers every month. We have grown large. Thus a dividing line between the old guard ASWP members and the new.

Senior Members are those who have logged over 1 year as an ASWP member, or have been accepted by the Administrators Council as either a Co-Admin or Server Operator. In many cases these people have been (and still are) instrumental in forming both the technical and philisophical underpinning of what has become a world-class Quake III Arena system. While other systems have come and gone, it is the dedication, fortitude, and vision of these members that made ASWP what it is today.

We will Respect the ASWP traditions.

We will not compromise our traditions.

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