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    iFix it!

    Recommended to me by a co-worker, has parts and guides to help you fix your own iPod, iBook, and iMac. I was surprised when he told me he replaced the headphone jack, but looking at they have just about all the breakable parts to rebuild your iPod including the color screen, and click wheel.

    Whether you fix your iPod, or need a power adapter for your PowerBook, check out
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    dbl post ...boooooo!!!!!!  74

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    dbl post ...boooooo!!!!!!
    Let me lock this one then :P This area shows up on the front page, I also duplicated it in hte Tech section for obvious reasons :P
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    dbl post ...boooooo!!!!!!
    Gotta watch this guy.
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    You forgot to lock it

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    You forgot to lock it
    Just chalk it up to old age.....
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    iFixit update

    According to this April 2010 article, iFixit has expanded their efforts beyond Apple Products.

    Repair culture has been on the rise the last few years but many people draw the line at electronics, preferring to hire someone else to do the repairs, or simply replace the device. But iFixit wants to change that, empowering DIYers to get geeky and help shrink the rapidly growing pile of e-waste we're creating. So, iFixit is celebrating Earth Day by kicking off a global repair community which will teach every person on earth how to fix every single thing they own.

    Our current culture around repair is so last century. As iFixit states, "Service manuals are almost never available online, and the few troubleshooting forums that exist are rife with spam and ad-baiting. Reliable parts suppliers that understand e-commerce are few and far between." Basically, trying to learn how to repair gadgets yourself is a complete pain and/or shrouded in mystery. And, it makes electronics all the more unsustainable. But it doesn't have to be that way.

    We love iFixit - the site that shows you how to tear gadgets apart so that you get comfortable with and knowledgeable about electronic guts. Now they're going to show you how to keep those gadgets running like the day you bought them, or better. And you're going to help.

    Community Driven - How to Fix Everything You Own
    Like a wikipedia-meets-instructables, iFixit is starting up a free repair manual that anyone can edit. People from across the globe can show others how to fix anything they own. The manual will include instructions that apply to a variety of devices, as well as instructions that apply to specific parts in specific products. They'll even include instructions about tools you'll use during repair.

    Today, on Earth Day, iFixit is doubling the number of repair manuals they offer online. They already have manuals for every Apple device, but they're now expanding to all sorts of other devices, including most of the game consoles released in the last 15 years, cell phones, cameras, and more. It's becoming an impressive database!

    Ensuring You Won't Break It More
    To ensure the instructions in the manuals are trustworthy, the users editing the manuals have to prove their knowledge. So all edits to a manual are reviewed by someone who has shown their savvy. That way, any reader can trust that the manuals they're using won't break their devices even more.

    The Internet is Perfect for Repair Information...But We Have To Create It
    As iFixit states, "The internet sucks at providing repair information. It either doesn't exist, or it's spam-ridden, disorganized, or there's no feedback loop to find out if the information is good. At the same time, there is massive pent-up expertise in enthusiast forums where people are posting detailed information about repairs they've done. We are providing a platform for those people to share what they know, and to come together to build a resource that humanity desperately needs."

    Go iFixit!!
    "The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true." - (James Branch Cabell)

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