Hello, and welcome to The Mac House of Asswhip.

This is the main line of communication between all members and guest to the ASWP community. It is highly recommended that you read the FAQ to understand what is expected from the membership and guests to the ASWP gaming system. In general things are pretty laid back, but you are required to show respect to members and guest equally.

To get started here you will need to sign up for an account here. Free e-mail account (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, aol, etc....) are prohibited for new registrations due to spam engines, although exceptions will be made for known users. At any time after you are registered you would like to change your e-mail to a free account just send me the new information, and I can change it for you. Your e-mail address will never be shared, given out, or sold at any time. It is used solely for the purpose of notification through the message board, and reseting your password. You have the option of hiding your e-mail address from public display through the user control panel.

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