If you notice the little stars to the upper left of my post, they have a special denotation.

Basically, anyone who is an administrator on our board system will have a full set of red stars... Moderators on the other hand will have a full set of bluish stars (Which show only in the forums they moderate). All others are given stars for the number of posts they have made. There are a number of levels for the ranking and they go like this:

Under 10 posts: Young ASWP'r
Over 10 posts: Chronic ASWP'r
Over 25 posts: Seasoned ASWP'r
Over 100 posts: PostaMatic ASWP'r
Over 200 posts: g0dlike PostaMatic ASWP'r

In addition, all members of ASWP will get a special tag of "ASWP Member", in addition to their posting rank.

That is basically it! That's how it works!